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By Claire Costello

This exercise gives you a stress-freeing tool that can become a daily fun practice of establishing a relationship with your true self. Use it to find your internal compass so you can make decisions with ease. It’s for anyone who is struggling with making big (and everyday) decisions and wants to create and live their ideal reality.
Great for:

  •      People who struggle to make decisions or are anxious they might make the “wrong” choice.
  •      People who live too much in their head and want to tap into their intuitive side.
  •      Entrepreneurs confused about which opportunities to take. E.g. “It sounds like an amazing opportunity, but it doesn’t feel right”.

We all have an Internal Guidance System that we can choose to tap into, listen, trust and follow with profound results. This can also be described as our intuition, instinct, gut response, true self, or soul.
There can be so much going on in life, business and relationships that making choices can get overwhelming and stressful. You may try to make decisions only from your logical mind or from fear, which can result in feelings of stuckness, struggle and regret that you made the “wrong” choice.
When we learn how to recognize the unique language that is guiding us from within, we can choose to live so much more at peace, feel greater fulfillment and be more clear and confident about our direction in business, relationships, health and life!
Some benefits of tapping into our Inner Wisdom are:

  •      Clarity of path, purpose and more passionate living,
  •      Self-confidence, self-love and trust of self,
  •      Living in an effortless flow state,
  •      Ability to come back to personal center,
  •      Health, energy and vitality in the physical body,
  •      More peace, joy and stability,
  •      Authentic Being and living,
  •      Empowered to take action to move towards goals,
  •      Courage to try new things, take leaps of faith and live outside the “box”,
  •      Having amazing opportunities and synchronicities come our way.

Step 1: Get into a clear and centered space
Choose one or more of the following methods that best supports you to be in a clear space within yourself. Feeling relaxed, peaceful in the mind and present in the body massively supports clear decision-making.
Do this before moving onto Step 2. (This can be different or the same each time).
Ways of doing this:

  •      Movement ? walking, running, shaking, swimming, yoga, dancing.
  •      Breathing ? breathwork, intentional breathing.
  •      Journaling ? gratitude, expressing feelings, emotions and thoughts.
  •      Releasing ? shaking/tapping/expressing/stating intentions to let go. Release trapped emotions, thoughts, other people’s influences, judgments, opinions and any doubts, fears, limitations or resistances you may be holding onto.
  •      Connect to your center with intention ? call in clarity of your destined path, truth and alignment.
  •      Tune in to your core values? bring your focus and attention within for self-reflection ? What are my authentic desires? Needs? Expressions? Intentions at this time?
  •      Gratitude.
  •      Meditation ? be fully present in the moment, body, breath, sensations.


During your chosen activity/s, allow what wants to arise to show itself and then write down any feelings or insights you get 먹튀검증.
The following 2 steps are key to recognizing your Inner Guidance System by establishing your personal signals of what a Yes and No is. These signs will show up in your body as sensations, words or images.
Step 2: Establishing what your full body Yes is
Once in a clear space, say to your true self, “Show me a clear Yes”. Notice what arises and note the answers to these questions:

  •      What am I experiencing in my body? E.g. a lightness, heart opening, peace, comfort, excitement, joy, an ability to breathe fully, expansion, goosebumps.
  •      Do I see anything visually? e.g. a color, a symbol, an open door.
  •      Notice if/how the body wants to move and the direction? hand opens, a foot moves forwards, your head shifts, a pulsation, a flinch, etc.
  •      How does my belly feel?
  •      Women ? How does my womb feel?
  •      Do any words want to be spoken ? e.g. YES, ahhhh, mmmm or a Yay!

Step 3: Establish what your No is

It is very important to identify your clear NO or non-confirmation for this choice. You can ask yourself, “Show me a clear No ? i.e. this is not the best decision for me (at this time)”. Ask yourself these questions:

  •      How does this feel? E.g. heavy, dull, contracted, shaky, painful, nauseous, a strong gut response, blocked, (Women - signals from your womb wisdom).
  •      What is the emotion? E.g. sad, angry, frustrated, resistance.
  •      Is there a vision? There may be a different color, symbol, a closed door.
  •      How does your body/posture want to move this time?
  •      Any words or sounds that were to be expressed? E.g. Ugh, Agh, NO.

Step 4: What are your choices?
Think about the decision you need to make and write down the different choices you have. Be clear and specific. Write, draw or use objects to symbolize your different options.
Often it is worth including “Other” because there may be another possibility that you haven’t thought of yet. “Other” would include “no clear answer yet”, it may be necessary for an unfolding of circumstances that goes beyond the limitations of your current thinking, conditioning and beliefs.
Step 5: Tune into each choice

Tune into each of your different options, one a time. Do this either through writing and/or you can change places/cushions where you are sitting or standing so you can feel a clear difference between the options.
Go back to your full body Yes in between the options for comparison. Notice the difference in your body, posture, breath, movement, level of comfort. Note down your experience at each step.
You can repeat if you feel you need more clarity.
Step 6: Make this a joyful daily practice for any decision
Practice this exercise for any kind of decisions, big or small. E.g. Does my body want to eat this or this? Will it be most beneficial to be at this event tonight?
You will be amazed by the results. Connection with intuition improves, decision-making is quicker and life gets easier, healthier (and more magical!) through practice.
Tips for coaches

This exercise is very supportive when someone can hold space through the process. A coach can guide a client through these steps, empower the client (without imposing opinion/influence) by asking the above open questions for the client to find their own internal wisdom, e.g. How does this feel? What do you notice in your body? Do you sense a difference?

Having the client share their process helps them to identify and get clear on what they really want, what is/has been blocking and how to move forwards. Working deeper with the client (e.g. inner child, shadow work, trauma release) to see and release any blockages is often required in Step 1 before one is able to receive a full body Yes.